Order of the Arrow Resources
Guidebook to Plateau Style Indian Outfits A Guidebook for the Manufacturer and Use of Plateau Style Indian Outfits by Scott Thompson and Scott Engle of Lemolloillahee Lodge 415, Inland Northwest Council and scanned by Ed Peterson of Tukarica Lodge as part of his W1C Doctorate Program for 2005.

Reprinted and posted with permission of the authors.

Native American Dance Regalia

Native American Craft Resources available through the Tukarica Lodge Dance Team. Indexed Alphabetically, also available in HTML FORMAT
The indexing was performed by Gail Wilson of Tukarica Lodge as a W1C Doctoral Project for 2006.
Beginning Guide to Appliqué Beadwork
Beginning Guide to Appliqué Beadwork by Nicholas Marchant of Es-Kaielgu Lodge 311. Nicholas has been beading for several years and is a beading instructor for the W1C Section Conclaves.

Reprinted and posted with permission of the author.

Order of the Arrow logo

National Order of the Arrow Logos and Clipart

Here you will find several versions of the official OA Logo and approved variations available for download in different formats, sizes, and color content.

The official Order of the Arrow logo and portions thereof are registered trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America. Permission is granted for its use in the conduct of the official Order of the Arrow program of the Boy Scouts of America.

National OA Handbooks and Manuals

Order of the Arrow Publications - Online

Guide for Officers and Advisers #34997C, Revised 2006
Guide to Inductions April 2005 Revision
Field Operations Guide January 2006 Revision
Lodge Leadership Development Planning Guide June 2005 printing
Lodge Community Service Guide July 2004 printing
Manual for Producing a "Where to Go Camping Guide" May 2005 printing
2005 Lodge Program Resource Book December 2004 printing / Feb 2004 Revision
Conclave Training Initiative

Order of the Arrow logo

National Order of the Arrow Printable Online Forms

Most of the forms used to carry out the OA program are available online including Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service Award Nominations, grant applications, Service Award Applications and others.

OA High Adventure Programs

OA High Adventure Programs

Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? Explore the opportunities to join your fellow Arrowmen next summer at one of three national high adventure bases. Come choose your adventure!

Order of the Arrow National Programs

Links to all of the national programs administered by the Order of the Arrow.


The OPERATIONS UPDATE is an official publication of the National Order of the Arrow Committee. It is published as needed to update key leaders on changes in the program.
National OA Endowment Program National OA Endowment Program - The Goodman Society

The Goodman Society has been specifically created to honor and perpetuate the memory of the Founder of the Order of the Arrow, E. Urner Goodman. Membership in the Goodman Society is available to all Arrowmen, former and current, who desire to be a part of a national fellowship to perpetuate the ideals and mission of the OA.

The National Bulletin library is available online in PDF format with back issues to December 1997. This is the official publication of the National Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America and is published quarterly. The online version is a complete copy of the printed version, but may pictures and graphics may have poorer resolution.