Trade Show Booth Promotion Mistakes

Trade Show Booth Promotion Mistakes

Trade convention exhibiting is one of one of the most inexpensive straight advertising and marketing devices readily available to service today. However while some trade convention exhibitors seem to always hit home runs when they show at trade convention, other exhibition exhibitors seem to consistently start out. Why? To be a successful exhibition exhibitor, one needs to bring traffic to their trade convention cubicle.

However, numerous trade show exhibitors puzzle quantity and high quality. A high volume of trade show booth traffic isn’t really practical if it isn’t quality web traffic. The trick to successfully advertising one’s trade convention cubicle is to concentrate on getting QUALIFIED PROSPECTS. You intend to bring people to your booth that have a demand for your services or product, that have the money to buy your service or product, and also who have the power to make or at least affect the buying choice at their firm. Typically, every one of the participants at an exhibition are not certified potential customers.

Typically, actually, a lot of the participants are especially not potential customers at all, as well as have no need for your product or service, or do not have the cash, or could not make or influence the acquiring decision all the same. When promoting your trade show booth, remember to believe QUALIFIED PROSPECTS! With this in mind, allow’s go over three typical exhibition cubicle promotion mistakes.


Several business sign up to display at a trade convention and after that leave it at that. They figure that they’ll sit in their booth as well as guests will certainly simply appear. Research studies have shown simply the contrary. Many guests make it to less than half of the trade convention booths at a show. The good news is that most attendees will make it to the cubicles that they hear about ahead of time and afterwards make plans to go to. The lesson to find out is this: if you do not advertise your booth, you might find yourself sitting alone for a significant part of the show.


A typical exhibition booth promo strategy is to have a sweep or free gift. You tell people to drop their calling card in a fishbowl and also one fortunate individual will win an IPOD or other such thing at the end of the program. The trouble with this strategy is that your giveaway has nothing to do with your product or service. You may wind up with a pile of calling card, however when you begin cold calling people you’ll find that they just intended to win the IPOD, as well as they have no interest in your service.


Another common mistake is to employ a magician or other performer to carry out at your exhibition cubicle. The issue with this strategy is that people will certainly want to see the artist, not chat with you. And once more, they’ll possibly have no passion in your firm. Also even worse, you may end up with a wall of non-prospects obstructing accessibility to your booth for those individuals that are leads. Learn how to utilize brand ambassadors in this link.


The trick with any trade convention promo is that it needs to target QUALIFIED POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. Initially, you require to establish that your potential customers are, and also what makes them qualified leads (so that you know who to target and exactly how). Then I always recommend sending out a pre-show mailer to all the registered participants.

Two mailers spaced out are also much better. Your mailer should tell participants about your booth, what you’ll be showing, as well as why they ought to stop by. At the program, you wish to be sure to have a trade show booth that has strong, captivating graphics, which informs attendees what you do and just how you can help them. Your trade convention cubicle graphics require to bring in QUALIFIED prospects, not every random Joe that walks by.

Next, any promo that you do need to attract certified leads. If you are going to have a sweep, think about having it for a possibility to win one of your service or products. The only people that will certainly enter are individuals that need your services or product. You’ll stand a better chance of marketing to those that do not win when you call them, rather than the individual that just wanted the free IPOD.

If you do have a drawing for an unrelated product, be sure to ask everyone a set of questions prior to your enter them. The collection of concerns must figure out if they are qualified possibility, and also whether you intend to spend your time calling them after the show.


The key to effectively advertising your trade convention cubicle is to keep in mind that you wish to generate professional leads. Any kind of promotion you do should cause a list of qualified potential customers, not a stack of calling card from everyone that participated in the program. Doing your promo right will certainly make your post-show follow-up a lot easier and much more enjoyable. It is much better to get 50 leads and also have 40 turn into sales, than to obtain 1000 leads, as well as quit following up on them after you just obtain 2 out of the initial 100 individuals you phone call to talk to you. Leave the IPOD raffles to rivals, as well as enjoy seeing the magician at the cubicle on the next aisle, not at your exhibition booth.

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